Monday, May 15, 2017

Epionce Melanolyte vs. 4% Hydroquinone for dark spots

We all have hyperpigmentation (brown spots) caused by sun damage or hormones. Up until recently the gold standard for treating this was 4% hydroquinone. I myself have used Obagi C-Clarifying serum for years. However, there looks to be something better......Epionce's Melanolyte Skin Brightening System. I stopped my 4% hydroquinone 2 months ago and I can already see a difference with this new regimen. Ideally you should cycle off hydroquinone every few months just so you don't develop a resistance to it. This doesn't apply to Epionce's two product system.

Melanolyte Tx and Melanolyte Pigment Perfecting Serum inhibit all 14 major steps and 3 branch steps in the formation of melanin that creates our brown spots. Hydroquinone inhibits tyrosinase which is just one enzyme in the formation of melanin.

The Melanolyte Tx and Pigment Perfecting Serum contain 21 herbal extracts and two algae extracts. There is no hydroquinone, tretinoin nor acids in them. They are very gentle and soothing to the skin. The Melanolyte Tx is used twice a day and the Pigment Perfecting Serum just at night. Another reason I love Epionce is because they do NO animal testing and you know much of an animal lover I am!

The Epionce system was tested in a head-to-head, double blind trial vs. 4% hydroquinone. They worked equally well in the 24 week study. However, patients of all skin types (Fitzpatrick I-VI) benefited from the Epionce Melanolyte System. There is a rare but well documented adverse reaction to hydroquinone called, onchrosis, that is not seen with Epionce products. 

Due to the herbal and algae extracts in the Epionce Melanolyte System, it has the added benefit of reversing fine lines and wrinkles.

The cost is comparable as well. Obagi's C-Clarifying serum retails for $123. If you want to add in tretinoin to treat fine lines and wrinkles that is another $100. The two product Epionce system is $168. Obagi and Epionce both will last you about 3 months.

So if you've used 4% hydroquinone for awhile, I'd recommend a break. Or if you are looking for a new treatment that is proven effective for hyperpigmentation AND fine lines and wrinkles, then Epionce Melanolyte Tx and Melanolyte Pigment Perfecting Serum are the products for you!

Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

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