Wednesday, December 14, 2011

December Newsletter

All of us at Sei Bella Med Spa want to wish you a wonderful Christmas and a very blessed New Year! We appreciate your business and your friendship. We also hope to see you in 2012! Maybe we can help you with a few New Year's resolutions?.........I'm jumping ahead, though. Let's talk about what we have left in 2011. One more Groupon and one more party coming your way!
     First, the Groupon........this Thursday, Dec 15th we will be offering a photofacial Groupon. The photofacials are done with our new Accelawave IPL (intense pulsed light). Like a laser, IPL has multiple uses. We use it for spider veins, hair removal, treatment of acne and scars, and for photorejuvenation on the face, neck, decolletage, and hands. The Groupon will be for either one or three photorejuvenation treatments on the face. IPL does not hurt. We even use a topical anesthetic mixed with aloe vera gel to make you even more comfortable. Photofacials will remove brown spots from sun damage, melasma from pregnancy or hormone therapy, diminish scars and acne, brighten your face and treat broken blood vessels. IPL also helps erase fine lines. Lasers and IPL can cause both hypo and hyperpigmentation in people with darker skin tones if attempting permanent hair removal or skin resurfacing. IPL photofacials  however, are very safe for all skin types. You can read more about IPL on my website,  . Most of you are experts at Groupon, but if you haven't signed up go to and sign up today. It's quick and free. This will be our last Groupon of the year!
     On Dec 20th we will be having a Christmas party at Solemates. I'll have Botox and our new Xeomin. Shelly will have her wonderful shoes as always. Xeomin and Botox will be $10/unit again. Refreshments will be served! I was in the store the other night and she has some really cute new boots. I also love the purses!! So come erase those ugly wrinkles and cover those ugly feet! We will start about 5 pm. Solemates is in the Pleasant Ridge shopping center at 11525 Cantrell Road right by Panera Bread, Sporty Runner and Forsythe's. See you next Tuesday the 20th!
     Last nite I posted our inclement weather policy on my blog . I won't repeat myself here in case you've already seen it. Hoping that this keeps everyone safe and avoids any inconvenience to you.
     This weekend I hope to have price lists for all our products and services listed on the website.  I also hoped to have my house cleaned, trees decorated, all Christmas shopping and wrapping done, blah, blah, blah...... but we all know how that goes. My advice for the holidays if you can't get all your cleaning done comes from my friend Sue. Have your dinner in the evening. Switch all the light bulbs in your house to a low wattage. Tell everyone it's for ambiance when in fact it just hides the dust! And you thought this newsletter was just for beauty tips!!
    We do have gift certificates for any service or product and in any denomination. Get one for massage, DermaFrac, IPL, VIPeel facial peels, Botox, Juvederm, Radiesse, Xeomin, and microdermabrasion, or any of the products in our facial lines Obagi, Young Pharmaceuticals and Bionet. What a great bail out! I mean gift. So don't stress. Call us, pay over the phone, and we'll mail it or email it wherever you want. This is a  great stocking stuffer. Plus, you can let friends and family choose what they want, when they want.
    Sei Bella will be closed Dec 23rd thru Dec 26th to give all the staff a much needed rest and time with family. I will probably return the 29th. The 27th is my 21st anniversary and my 18 year old is having all his wisdom teeth out that day. Yay fun!
    Again, enjoy this time with family and friends, God bless you all!

Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Inclement Weather Policy

As we enter the winter season, I feel like we need to have an inclement weather policy. It is inevitable there will be bad roads this winter. I live in Conway, as do Stephanie and Teresa. Sandy lives in Vilonia, and Susan in Alexander. Obviously there will be variations in the quality of the roads in these areas. What I plan to do is post on this blog and on Facebook when the whole Med Spa is closed or perhaps Susan won't be able to make it in to do Lipo-Ex or Sandy and I can not make it in for injectables, facial peels, etc.  You can easily find the Sei Bella Med Spa page on Facebook by doing a quick search. If I know the evening before I will post it. Otherwise, it will be early in the morning after I talk to all my staff. We strive to avoid any inconvenience for you and will work diligently to get you rescheduled on the day we return.

Thank you.....

Anne R Trussell MD

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Dazzle Daze!!

Just a reminder that Sei Bella Med Spa will be at Dazzle Days next Thursday, Friday and Saturday Nov 17th-19th. It's in Conway at the new Expo Center and Fairgrounds on Highway 64. Thursday hours are 6-9 pm. Friday 10 am-8pm and Saturday 10 am- 4pm. You can see a list of all the merchants, and the raffle drawing information at
Sei Bella Med Spa will have the following products and services available:
          1. Xeomin (the new botulinum toxin). I talked about Xeomin in the November newsletter. No additives, so less risk of antibody formation. Antibodies decreases your results and decrease the amount of time your treatment actually lasts. Xeomin will be $10/unit. After next Saturday the price is $12/unit.
          2. DermaFrac. The Groupon was VERY popular. Thank you.  One treatment at our booth will be $50. We will help you decide on anti-acne, anti-aging, hydration or lightening peptide. This will give you the opportunity to experience this new facial rejuvenation procedure, ask questions and then continue on with a series at the office if you'd like.
          3. VIPeel/Gloss Peels. Medical grade facial peels based on a 15-17% TCA base. You can have one put on and resume shopping, eating or whatever else you want to do. You won't look scary or be in pain or anything like that. We will give you your own take home kit. Peels will be $150. After next Saturday the price goes back to the regular $300.
          4. Massage.  Teresa Smith MS, LMT will be there offering free chair massages (Thurs. night only). Apparently the Dazzle Days committee did not check to see when Teresa's family reunion was this year so we only have her for stress relief on Thurs. nite!  Many of you already know Teresa and know what a fabulous masssage she gives.
          5. Obagi, Young Pharmaceuticals, and Bionet skin care. I was able to take advantage of some year end specials so I'm passing them on to you. Come shop for your favorite or let me help you pick a product or products to help you with your skin care needs.
          6. Gift baskets and gift certifiates. We have made up some really cute ones! We have spa baskets, healing baskets, stress relief baskets, beauty maintenance or beauty repair baskets, teen sets, etc. We also have baskets with gift certificates in them or you can buy gift certificates separately in any denomination or for a particular service like a massage, facial peel, Lipo-Ex package, etc.
           7. Handmade organic soap. These are the ones I mentioned in my newsletter a couple weeks ago. I have some left, but they are selling quickly at the office already.
        Come join us for a great time! Those of you who have been to our parties know I love to visit with you! Dazzle Days is the perfect place to get some or all of your Christmas shopping done. This is our first year to participate as Sei Bella Med Spa, but last year I bought a Christmas picture, ornaments, t shirts, homemade foods, tea, jewelry cleaner, jewelry, and goodness knows what else. We can help you at booth 108 get some people on your list taken care of. More information about everything we offer at Sei Bella is on my website listed below. Cash, check or credit card accepted. See you next week!
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

November Newsletter

Hi Everyone!
   I missed doing an October newsletter. Hopefully November's will be "newsy" enough to make up for that! We had a great turnout at the Head To Toes Party at Solemates on October 18th. I enjoyed meeting all the new people and seeing all our regulars in such a fun setting. Hope everyone is enjoying their Botox and facial peels. I know you are enjoying the shoes, jewelry and Arbonne, because I am!
   Our next event is Dazzle Daze in Conway. It is Nov 17th, 18th and 19th at the Conway Expo Center. Thursday is Girls Nite out from 6-9pm. On Friday hours are 10am-8pm and then Saturday 10am-4pm. There are over 90 merchants. You can shop, eat and enjoy some music, and sample some food. Sei Bella Med Spa will be debuting the new Xeomin. It is THE new botulinum toxin! There are some advantages to Xeomin and I'll tell you about those in a minute. The Xeomin will be $10/unit at Dazzle Days. We will also have our Gloss and VIPeel medical grade facial peels those three days for $150. They are normally $300. Also, we will have packets of info on our products and services that include discounts and coupons for you to use in the future. We will have our product lines there including Obagi, Young Pharmaceuticals, and Bionet Esthetics. If you are having a particular skin problem, come see us; I'm sure we have something to help. Also I'm making gift baskets to include gift certificates, wellness items, facial products, chocolates and lots of other goodies. Do some Christmas shopping- big or small! You can get advance tickets or tickets at the door. For a list of merchants, advance tickets or to learn more about Dazzle Daze go to .
     Now a little more about Xeomin.....First there was Botox, then Dysport, now Xeomin (incobotulinumtoxinA) which is manufactured by Merz. It works like the other two by freezing the muscles in the upper face that cause wrinkles. However, there are no additives in Xeomin just botulinum toxin A. This will lessen a person's chance of forming antibodies. When you form antibodies to botulinum toxin A you don't get the desired result which is the disappearance of those aggravating frownlines, forehead lines and crow's feet. Maximum results with Xeomin may take up to a week to fully develop just like with Botox or Dysport. Xeomin's effects last three to six months. Xeomin has been approved in Europe since 2005. In some studies it has been shown to last six months, but frankly, I can't promise that. Time will tell as we use it more extensively at Sei Bella. I have $50 Visa gift cards that can be used for any future service at Sei Bella when you purchase Xeomin. They are limited in number, though, so I can't guarantee I'll have any left by Dazzle Daze, but if I do, I will bring them with me.
     On Thursday, Nov 3rd we are doing a Groupon for DermaFrac. You will have three package options you can purchase. DermaFrac is extremely popular in Europe. Sei Bella has the first machine in Arkansas. This procedure painlessly lays peptides between the dermis and epidermis layer of the skin. The handpiece makes microchannels in the skin and you can choose to have either anti-aging, lightening, anti-acne or hydration peptides. Enjoy a softly lit room and some relaxing music while you have your treatments. If you're not a member of Groupon yet, go to to sign up. It's free and then check the website this Thurs. I have the deal of the day texted to me each day. (Somebody in my family needs to benefit from unlimited texting besides my kids!)
     I got a postcard in the mail about a product called DermaFlage. I looked at the website, to learn more about it. Apparently it was developed by a Hollywood makeup artist and a plastic surgeon. Dermaflage is for indented scars. The results were impressive. I don't sell Dermaflage, but the company is supposed to be sending me some samples. I think Amazon had the best price for it, but go to the website and watch the video if you're interested. Sei Bella carries Scar Gel which is for raised scars. If any of you try DermFlage, please drop me an email and let me know what you think.
     We have several new products at Sei Bella. I have Bionet's glycolic or lactic acid cell turnover serum, a new cellulite cream, an alpha hydroxy acid facial wash, and the new Dermateen set for teenager's acne. Dermateen works well and is cheaper than the Obagi. It's good maintenance for teens as well. If acne is more significant, I think the Obagi line is better. Plus I can prescribe metrogel as an add on.
     The newest product we have at Sei Bella that I love is soap. Yes... the stuff you wash your body with (and hope that your coworkers and family members use as well!) This is an all natural herbal soap made by a really nice lady in Brownsville, TN. It contains all natural oils of coconut, palm, olive and canola plus pure fragance oils and dried herbs. It is all I have used for the last two years  in the tub or shower and I carry it with me when I travel. She has some wonderful scents...sandalwood, vanilla sandalwood, lavendar and oatmeal, rosemary mint and lavendar, Hotel Costes, and doublemint with poppyseed. Love them all! As this is mainly a hobby for her, she only makes this soap a few times a year. I got a batch this time, but not sure when I will be able to get more, so let me kow if you want me to save you a bar or two or three. As a side note, it also appears to be quite safe. My dog ate the remaining piece of my bar two nights ago and is doing fine. Apparently it was tasty....
     Before I go, just a reminder that Teresa is now at Sei Bella on Mondays, Thursdays and some Fridays offering massage from Swedish to deep tissue to focused problems. Lipo-Ex is available as a full or minipackage. Xeomin, Botox, Juvederm, and Radiesse are always available for your lines, creases and wrinkles. Gloss and VIPeels will help take away the sundamage and fine lines created this summer.  Our IPL machine is very versatile. we can do hair removal, photofacials, spider vein treatments, acne and scar treatments...pretty much anything a laser can do except for the aggressive, ablative, skin resurfacing. Plus, IPL isn't painful.
    I am always available to help you decide what treatment or product will work best for you. If I think you would be better served by seeing a plastic surgeon to achieve your goals, I'll tell you that, too, and be happy to recommend several good ones. Hope to get some new pictures up on the website and blog soon. Don't forget the Groupon on Thursday for DermaFrac. Feel free to email me with any questions and visit the website at

Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Head to Toes Party

Head To Toes Party
Solemates Shoe Boutique
Sei Bella Med Spa
Belle Vie Designs
Tuesday, October 18th
5:00-8:00 pm
at Solemates Shoe Boutique
     Solemates is located in Little Rock at the Pleasant Ridge Shopping Center by Panera Bread. Look for the pink awning! You can enjoy wine (or soft drinks) and hors d'houevres while shopping for shoes and touching up your Botox or trying out Botox for the first time! Botox will be $10/unit. We will also offer our Gloss facial peel. This is a 17% TCA medical grade facial peel that is very effective for diminishing  fine lines, age spots, acne and large pores. This peel has no downtime. You can go to work, out to eat, etc. after you have it applied. Most of your peeling should occur on day 3 and 4. We send you home with a kit of retinol pads, sunscreen, and moisturizer. Regularly $300, we will have a limited number Tuesday night for $150.
     Arbonne rep, Kacey Jones, will also be there. I just went to an Arbonne party and bought a set of candles that smells better than anything I've ever had! The lip balm I got is great, too!
      Guys, we may not have shoes for you, but bring your wives/girlfriends and buy them something nice......
Hope to see you next Tues. the 18th!
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Girls' Night Out!

Hi Everyone!
    I'm planning on sending out the newsletter this weekend, but wanted to remind you (or let you know) about Girls' Night Out tomorrow night, Sept. 29th, 4:30pm-10 pm. It's at the Little Rock Metroplex Events Center on Colonel Glenn Road. Sei Bella Med Spa will have a booth there and have several drawings for items including a glycolic and lactic acid peels, Obagi products, massage gift certificate compliments of Teresa Smith, LMT, MS our massage therapist, and a gift certificate to use toward Sei Bella's other services. Teresa will also be there giving free chair massages.
    This is a great time to hang out with your friends, relax and do some shopping for yourself or for the holidays. The first 1000 ladies through the door get a free gift bag with lots of goodies in it, including a chance to win a $2500 pair of earrings! Some of the other booths include Good Earth Gardern Center, Frosty Treats, Jones and Son Fine Jewelty, Kreb's Brothers Restaurant Store (one of my favorites), Kris and Sam's, Sephora, Crossroads Western Wear, and Pampered Chef. This is just a few. Last I counted there were 64 different booths! Great prizes, great fun, food and drinks!
     Come join us tomorrow night and bring a friend! If a girl needs it, I think you'll find it at Girls' Night Out!
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New IPL treatments with Accelawave

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy - What You Should Know

Many people just can’t tolerate the downtime or may not be good candidates for laser skin resurfacing. Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments, however, are an excellent choice. IPL uses broad-spectrum light that filters out unwanted wavelengths as a means of treating many skin conditions and abnormalities.
In fact, IPL can diminish or remove:
  • Age spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rosacea
  • Broken capillaries
  • Telangectasias on the face
  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Spider veins on the extremities
  • Unwanted hair
  • Acne
Unlike laser resurfacing, and some chemical peels, there is almost no downtime with IPL. That means no blisters, burns or long recovery period. And, you can go right back to your activities after a  treatment is complete.
IPL therapy is based on high-intensity pulses of light that penetrate the skin.  There are several different machines that emit different wavelengths of IPL to penetrate different distances into the skin. We use the Accelawave which offers an extensive range of wavelengths and has a sapphire crystal cooling tip to further increase patient comfort.
Different wavelengths treat different skin conditions. To remove body hair permanently or almost permanently, for example, IPL zeros in on the hair follicles and kills them. However, hair grows in cycles and some follicles are lying dormant. Light therapy must hit the hair follicle during its growing phase to work properly which means you will need a series of treatment to obtain the best results.

Are You a Candidate for IPL?

You may not be a good candidate for IPL therapy if you are prone to developing red, raised keloid scars or other forms of excess scarring, hyperpigmentation, or hypopigmentation. You are also not a good candidate for intense pulsed light therapy if you do not react well to burns or if you have uncontrolled diabetes, as this disease may affect your body's wound-healing ability.
Discuss appropriate treatments with Dr. Trussell. She, herself, will examine your skin and any scars you have. You may need to have a patch test to see how you react to IPL. After this test, you have to watch the test area for several days for any reactions such as blistering, pigmentation problems, rashes, or persistent redness. Report any problems to Dr. Trussell. Not everyone requires a patch test.
If you are deemed an appropriate candidate, Dr. Trussell will recommend an individualized IPL treatment plan. You will be instructed on what (and what not) to do for the two weeks before your first and subsequent treatments. This will  include staying out of the sun and tanning bed. If you are in the sun, you must wear sunscreen at least the two weeks prior to a treatment and you may be asked to avoid certain medications that could increase bleeding risk, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

IPL Treatment

Dr. Trussell or her nurse, Sandy, may apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area. After this, clear aloe vera gel is applied and a glass prism is placed over the treatment area. Pulses of intense light will be flashed through a filter, directed at the treatment area. You will receive several treatments. Your first treatment may not be as aggressive as those that follow. Your first treatment is half diagnostic and half therapeutic. You will be asked a  thorough history of your skin and any significant medical problems. Treatments are usually performed every three to four weeks. The treated area may be slightly pink or red right after your treatment. There may be some mild swelling. Dr. Trussell will advise you to use sunscreen with a 15-30 SPF after your IPL treatment. Although rare, blistering or slight bleeding can occur after IPL therapy. Other potential risks may include pigment changes and scarring.

IPL Cost

Cost for IPL depends on the area being treated, and the type of treatment being provided. You can purchase a package of three treatment visits and save 15% until the end of October 2011. Make sure you are clear about all the price points before you begin your IPL treatment series. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

Call us today to schedule your consult. Dr. Trussell and Sandy look forward to working with you to provide the best individualized care for your skin problems.


Monday, September 12, 2011

American Childhood Cancer Organization of Arkansas

Gallery Of Hope

The American Childhood Cancer Organization of Arkansas is proud to announce its 2011 "Gallery of Hope" fundraiser that will take place on Friday, September 23, 2011 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m at The Arkansas Governor's Mansion in Little Rock. The 6th annual art auction and cocktail event will feature pieces from a number of well-known local artists, as well as creations by Arkansas Children's Hospital cancer patients. Other unique items available for purchase will include jewelry, pottery & photography. It will be an enjoyable night of music, delicious hors d'oeuvres and drinks while contributing to a great, worthwhile cause!

Each day in the U.S., approximately 46 children are diagnosed with cancer. In the early 1950s, less than 10 percent of childhood cancer patients could be cured. Today, some forms of childhood cancer have cure rates over 80%. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Americans under age 20. The average length of treatment for children, from initial diagnosis to cure or remission, is three years. The median age at diagnosis is six years old.

The childhood cancer experience can be an enormous challenge for families. ACCO believes that no family should have to go through this difficult time alone. American Childhood Cancer Organization of Arkansas is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with cancer and their families. ACCO Arkansas is the only organization in Arkansas that is dedicated exclusively to meeting the unique needs of pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Sei Bella Med Spa is proud to be a sponsor of this dedicated, compasionate organization. If you, too, woud like to be a sponsor, please contact Jennifer York at 501-993-6688 or If you would like to make a donation you can go to:

Thank you for the support you have shown Sei Bella Med Spa which allows me to in turn support such a wonderful organization.....

Anne R Trussell MD

Sei Bella Med Spa

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coming Soon! IPL treatments!

    IPL  (Intensed Pulsed Light) treats acne, hair, skin and vascular lesions. Sei Bella will soon be offering these noninvasive treatments for hair removal, photo-facials, spider veins and acne. We have a great, new, high quality machine called Accelawave. In comparing IPL to lasers, a laser goes to one depth and hits one target. Our Accelawave,will deliver many different wavelengths of light and hit many different targets. With the IPL, you come in for the procedure and are back up and going immediately, unlike with an ablative laser procedure which can put you down for a few weeks.
   For those of you interested in the scientific workings of an IPL, I'll give you a  brief overview. IPL is a  broadband light source emitted by a flash lamp within the  broadband wavelength spectrum of  420nm-1200 nm. IPL works on the same principles as lasers in that light energy is absorbed into particular target cells with color, called chromophores. Chromophores are found in four "structures". We are concerned with thee of them: melanin, hemoglobin and porphyrin. (Water is the fourth structure, but it absorbs light at 1350 nm, outside our area of interest).
   It is important that IPL can adjust the power and the amount of time the skin is exposed to the pulse of light. During IPL treatments, these parameters are adjusted. All targets -hair, melanin, vascular lesions- hold energy for a different amount of time, and this time will decrease after each session. Most problems take 6-8 treatments to correct. Each session is bascially a new consult, so I know where to set the parameters on the machine. The Accelawave also has a cooling system for your comfort as well as for optimizing your results.
    The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery did a comprehensive survey which concluded hat 80% of the populaton who get treatments at med spas want 1)Botox, 2)Fillers (like Radiesse and Juvederm), 3)hair removal, 4)microdermabrasion and 5)photo-facials. That is very consistent with the survey I sent out several months ago.
    Of course you know I have to test and try out everything we offer at Sei Bella, so I tried IPL, too, when the rep was at my office. I have a dark spot on my arm that I want gone, so I had it pulsed. Didn't hurt. Just a little pop. My kids have done worse to me with a rubber band. I can tell a difference after that one treatment.
    If you are a physicist, I'm sure you're rolling your eyes right now at my explanation of IPL vs. laser. Sometime in the future, I'll probably get a laser, but for now, an IPL will work great for the things we want to do to make you more beautiful (or handsome) than you already are!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Setember Newsletter

   I hope all of you had a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend!
No real excitement at the Trussell household, just yardwork, computer work and laundry work. (Nope. Didn't clean. Hate to clean house.)
   Lots of news for you. First, thank you for making Teresa Smith, MS, LMT, our wonderful massage therapist, feel so welcome by buying out her Groupon at 11:30 am! Yes, 250 massages! She is fantastic! Teresa is in the office on Mondays and Thursdays now and working her schedule to be there some Fridays as well. She has 13 years experience working with all age groups, and problems whether it's chronic pain, stress, or an acute problem. Visit her webpage at Call us to schedule a relaxing Swedish massage, or a deep tissue massage to work out all that stress you didn't get rid of over the holiday. Teresa offers massage packages as well. A Prenancy Massage package would really be a nice gift for a pregnant friend.
    The DermaFrac procedure is becoming very popular! I've already had to order more peptides. For those of you getting the newsletter for the first time, DermaFrac is a painless procedure (actually I think it feels quite good) that injects peptides between the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. It is very popular for facial rejuvenation in Europe. We have the first machine in Arkansas. There is no bleeding nor downtime. After a treatment you get an LED light treatment chosen for your skin needs. Microdermabrasion is available as well. I will look at your skin myself and help you decide on an anti-aging, lightening, anti-acne or hydration package. DermaFrac is sold as a series of 6 treatments one to two weeks apart depending on how quickly your face absorbs the peptides each week. Read more about it on the Sei Bella website at
     Our facial peels were one of the most sought after things this past month. We sold out and I had to order more. The Gloss peel (almost exactly the same as the VIPeel) has an active ingredient of 17% TCA. This is the favorite. We also have glycolic and lactic acid peels of various strengths and combinations. I can help you decide which one is right for you. A facial peel is such a quick, inexpensive way to freshen and brighten up your face. Or, do a series of them to remove more of those fine lines and dark spots.
    By now you should all be well versed in  Radiesse, Botox and Juvederm. I won't take time to revisit all their benefits. It's on the website and you know you can either email me or call Sei Bella anytime for more info....501-228-6237. I try to send out an email if we're running a special but give me a shout if you need something.
     OK..... So we have all these GREAT things we can do to help your face and body look younger and help you feel better about your appearance. How do we keep it that way? The #1 question I'm asked, everyday, is how long will results last. The answer is.....that depends.....No..... I'm not riding the fence post. Let me explain. WIth all aesthetic procedures, whether they are surgical or nonsurgical, we still continue to age. Our job at Sei Bella is to help turn back the hands of time for you. Then, how long those changes last depends on how well you take care of your skin. I don't just mean just wearing sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB, wearing a hat, not smoking, not going to the tanning beds, avoiding the buffet lines etc. I mean really having your skin evaluated and paying attention to what you eat. I've talked to many of you about which skin care line you would like for me to carry. Overwhelmingly, the answer was Obagi. So, I switched my own routine to Obagi as did Sandy. We have very different skin types and we both love it! Obagi is sold throught a physician's office because many of the products are presciption strength. Oh, and I started my daughter on their Clenziderm system. Two steps. Any teenager can do that. (Yes, two steps require 2 to 3 neurons firing in sequence, but they can do this regardless of their ability to complete chores and do homework). Abbey didn't have severe acne, just multiple pimples and blackheads, but she wasn't good about washing her face every night either, Plus, she had little pimply things on the back of her arms for years. After 2 1/2 weeks, they are all gone! (She will kill me for talking about her in my newletter). Maintenance is the key, though. The thing I like about Obagi is it requires very little product so it lasts a lot longer than other brands. I got a starter kit about 2 months ago and I still have about 1/2 of it left. You can sign up for the Obagi "Inner Circle" at The website has info about all their products and the discounts you earn by being a member. It's free. Over 50,000 people are already signed up. I will be happy to talk to you about your skin problems, concerns, and needs when you come in. There are also a few products from Young Pharmaceuticals that I tried and especially like, especially their C-Mollient. Leaves the face feeling so soft and full of anti-oxidants.
     So what's on the horizon? Well, I hummed and hawed about laser and IPL. Decided on IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). I know laser is the hot thing right now, but for what I want to offer, IPL was a better fit. I want to offer you rejuvenating, relaxing products and services that don't have the downtine that is associated with so many cosmetic procedures. We are all very busy folks, and don't have time for "downtime". IPL works on the same principal as laser. Right now I don't want to do ablative laser treatments that put people out of commission for a few weeks.  The IPL offers hair removal, acne treatment, spider vein treatment, photofacials, plus treatment of melasma (dark spots) and sundamage. I had the rep treat a spot on my arm. Didn't hurt. Just a tiny pop. Granted, though, Teresa's massages do feel better!
      Last two things. We will have a booth at Girls Night Out again this year, September 29th from 4-10 pm. It's a one day only event this year. We will have a bigger booth, have some special offers, and be selling some products and packages as well. Teresa will be there giving out free chair massages. That is good enough reason right there to show up!! Girls night Out is hosted at the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock. Lastly, several people have asked me about having private parties. I did the Botox Party last year and the Head To Toes Party earlier this year. If you want to get a group of friends together, call or email me or 501-228-6237 and let's visit. What services you want me to provide will determine if I can do it at your house/business or if we need to have it at Sei Bella. There is no charge to have the party, just for any services we provide.
      I hope that September is a good month for all of you. I will send pertinent reminder emails or updates, but won't be blowing up your inbox so call or email if you have questions, concerns or comments in the meantime. Thank you all for the trust you put in us at Sei Bella Med Spa. I have truly been blessed to get to know so many wonderful people.
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa
9501 Lile Drive Suite 940
Little Rock, AR 72205
located on the Baptist Health campus
Med Towers II

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Massage Groupon

Hi everyone!
    Just a quick note to let you know we will be having a massage Groupon this Saturday, August 20th. As many of you already know, Teresa Smith, MS, LMT has joined Sei Bella Med Spa. Teresa has 10+ years experience as a massage therapist working with athletes, the elderly, and patients with chronic pain like fibromyalgia, arthritis and headaches. Massage is also a very effective stress management tool. Teresa offers Swedish massage, Deep Tissue/Sports massage and Pregnancy massage. Often during pregnancy women develop low back pain, swelling, hip pain, and headaches. All of these can lead to difficulty sleeping. A gentle, focused pregnancy massage can relieve women of all this discomfort. Massage therapy is also the perfect followup to physical or occupational therapy. Teresa's extensive experience allows her to tailor a massage to your specific needs.
    If you haven't signed up for Groupon yet, it's free, easy and quick!
    You can read more about the benefits of massage on Teresa's website at .
Hope you all have a great weekend and check Groupon on Saturday for a great massage deal! Help yourself, friend, spouse or other special someone relax and feel better! Believe me.....a massage is a wonderful gift.
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa
501 228 6237

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DermaFrac Groupon

Just a reminder that the Groupon for DermaFrac runs tomorrow! You can reach it Thursday morning, August 4th at  That's also where you can sign up for a free Groupon account if you don't have one already. It's very quick.

DermaFrac creates microchannels between the dermis and epidermis layer of the face while simultaneously injecting peptides. You can choose a series of peptides for anti-aging, lightening, anti-acne or moisturizing. The treatments do not hurt. There is no bruising,  no bleeding, nor downtime. You just get to relax while we take care of you.....No extra charge if you take a nap!

My website  was updated this weekend so you can read more about DermaFrac and our other services.
Call if you have any questions for me.


Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

Sunday, July 31, 2011


Sei Bella Med Spa is excited to offer DermaFrac starting Aug 4th!

We have the first machine in Arkansas!

I will be offering a Groupon on Aug 4th so if you haven't signed up for Groupon yet, you need to at  This will be an introductory price only for the time the Groupon runs.

My website is newly upated with all the informtion. Check it out today.......

My upcoming blog posts are going to talk about the skin care lines of Obagi and Young Pharmaceuticals; the products you need for particular skin problems, and the benefit of facials and facial peels.

Also hoping to get our massage therapist, Teresa, to post some info on the benefits of massage especially for chronic pain, fibromyalgia and headache patients. She has extensive experience working with these. Make an appointment with her and see what she can do for you!    501-228-6237

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Good Morning!!

Hope this Thursday morning finds all of you arriving safely to work. Maybe you're lucky enough to be sitting in your favorite chair with a big glass of iced tea and the morning paper? I'm a Starbuck's girl myself!

Updated my website last night. New info, new services, new pages. Go check it out at

Our new massage therapist is here! Actually Teresa is not "new". I've known her for 13 years and she has been a licensed massage therapist all that time. She is at Sei Bella Med Spa today and still has some openings. Call us to get on the schedule before I take up the remaining slots! Dont bother dressing up, fixing your hair or any of that stuff. Just come relax and relieve some tension.

Teresa has a website as well.....  Good information there about the benefits of masssage and the types of massage she offers......


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

July newsletter! New services! Specials!

    Hi everybody! I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July holiday. Good food, friends, family and fireworks can't be beat! Sei Bella Med Spa is adding new services this month and I'm going to tell you about a couple of discounts we have on current ones.
     The first thing we're adding, starting tomorrow, is MASSAGE!! Yay! I love a long, relaxing massage. We will have two massage therapists....Teresa and Darla. They will be offering Swedish (my favorite), Deep Tissue, and Pregnancy massages. I have known Teresa for about 13 years. She has been an LMT for 16 years and has a masters degree in Community Health plus is a licensed massage therapy instructor. Teresa is very good with masssage for sports injuries, fibromyalgia and arthritis. She has worked young and old alike. Quite frankly, I enjoy massages because they are great stress management. Tell that to Sandy, though! I don't even get NAPTIME during the day!
          Darla is also joining us. She has been an LMT for 10 years. She has worked in a chiropractic clinic, a spa and a wellness center. Darla is especially interested in pregnancy massages. We have a special Prego Pillow (not kidding; that's the name from the company). Pregnant women reagrdless of how far along they are can lay face down in it and there is even a special face cradle. Massage during pregnancy is excellent for decreasing swelling, relieving low back pain, and anxiety and a multitude of other things. Darla also offers Swedish massage and deep tissue masssage. You can call now to schedule with either one of them. Even if you don't need a masssage, I have no doubt that you know a friend who does. This is a really nice gift certificate. Teresa will be in the clinic on Thursdays for now and Darla will there Mon, Wed and Fri. I can't wait for you to meet them! Not only are they highly qualified, they are also very, very nice ladies.
     Next new thing to tell you about is DermaFrac.  This treatment is extremely popular in Europe. It is becoming very popular in the US now and I will be getting the first machine in Arkansas, probably by the third week of July. It is a series of treatments, predominantly for the face. It creates microchannels between the dermis and epidermis layer of the skin. I have had a treatment myself and it felt really good! No pain, no bleeding, no bruising. As the handpiece creates the microchannels between the dermis and epidermis we inject various peptides for anti-aging, skin lightening, moisturizing or acne.  There is no sun sensitivity after treatment, and can be used on all skin types, even darker skin tones. You don't need any kind of anesthesia. My rep actually made three passes across my face, neck and chest with no problems. So call me to schedule. I am very excited about this new technology! And I almost forgot.......I can now do microdermabrasion as well! Plus the DermaFrac machine has LED light therapy for aftertreatment.
       Other things to not forget......we offer Botox, Juvederm and Radiesse. We have had lots of people coming in the last few weeks for a little refreshing and revitalizing before their class reunions. If you are a current client at Sei Bella Med Spa you should have already received your Radiesse coupon in the mail. If you haven't received one or would like to become a new Radiesse client, go to . On the bottom left you can type in your zipcode (or mine 72205) and I pop up under the elite providers tab. There you will see a special offer you can click on to get $100 off your Radiesse syringe(s). I am not too modest to tell you that Sandy has done Radiesse injections on me. Actually, Susan, Sandy and I have all had it. Juvederm is still the best option for your lip plumping. Botox is for the upper face....crows feet, forehead and frown lines.
     Our VIPeel facial peels have been very popular this last month. I am looking at a couple other ones called Melanage Minipeel and the Gloss peel. These are a  little stronger and use a little different combination of medical grade chemicals in the solution. Facials and a line of facial products are also in my plan, but I'm getting ahead of myself
      So imagine yourself relaxing with a nice massage and a little facial renewal. We want you to come spend some time with us; visit, relax, renew and regenerate. Our goal is to make you look and feel refreshed and even more beautiful or handsome than you already are.
      All your business is appreciated and we enjoy seeing you. If there is ever anything we can do to make your treatments more enjoyable please let us know. Have a great  rest of the summer and please wear your sunscreen. You knew I couldn't send a newsletter without harping on that!
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

Saturday, June 11, 2011

A relaxing Saturday morning

  As you all know I am a big fan of spa services...that's why I started Sei Bella Med Spa.
  This morning I visited Sotaira's Organics and Spa in Conway. I had a Conway Daily Deal coupon. $55 for a 30 minute facial and a one hour massage. Let me tell you, it was worth every penny! Bertie started my facial, then rubbed my neck and sholders which were oh so sore after a long week at the office. After the facial she finished my massage. Lucky for me she is now running a Groupon with the same offer. So I came home and purchased it too!
  At least once a week we should all take some time out for ourselves. Ideally, we should do that once a day, but let's be, jobs, spouses, grocery shopping , ballgames, etc......that's not going to happen.
Taking time for yourself is healthy both mentally and physically. We all want to look better and feel better for ourselves.
   I would like to add massage services to Sei Bella. So if you know of any really good massage therapists who might be interested, send them my way. If you get Botox, Juvederm or Radiesse at Sei Bella you can still get a massage and facial. They will compliment each other. Renew, refresh, revitalize!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

ViPeel facial peels

The ViPeel facial peel is a medical grade chemical peel that eliminates and reduces fine lines, hyerpigmentation, and some acne scars. Does your skin look dull? Freshen it and brighten it with a ViPeel. You can go right back to work after it is applied. It can also be applied to the hands, back,or shoulders. Especially good for treating acne and it's safe in kiddos. I can put it on kids as young as 12. Call us today to schedule yours! 501-228-6237
Vi Medical ProductsVi Medical Products
Vi Medical Products
Vi Medical ProductsVi Medical Products
Vi Medical Products
Vi Medical ProductsVi Medical Products
Vi Medical Products
Vi Medical ProductsVi Medical Products
Vi Medical Products
Vi Medical ProductsVi Medical Products
Vi Medical Products
Vi Medical ProductsVi Medical Products
Vi Medical Products
Vi Medical ProductsVi Medical Products

June Newsletter

It's almost summer! This was a beautiful Memorial Day weekend! I do want to take a moment to remember that Memorial Day is to honor those who served and continue to serve our country so bravely and so unselfishly. We can not thank them enough. We also want to remember with appreciation all those who have given a child, a sibling or a spouse to defend the freedoms we are blessed with.
All of you are heroes!
    Radiesse has been added to our facial rejuvenation products. You are already familiar with Botox and Juvederm from my previous newsletters and blogposts. Botox is for wrinkles in the upper face like frown lines, forehead lines and crows feet. Results last about 3 months. Juvederm is a hyaluronic acid filler and fills in the marionette and smile lines aound our nose and lips. It is also great to plump up thinning lips. Results will last you about 9 months. Radiesses is a different filler. It is made of calcium hyroxylapatite microspheres that stimulate collagen and fibroblast formation. I had Radiesse about a week ago and the results were immediate because it's thicker. Radiesse lasts 10-14 months so it continues to form collagen through 6 months or so and then holds steady before it starts to fade. After losing 65 lbs last year, I lost some of the fat pad in my cheeks. Sandy filled those in with Radiesse and it gave me a lift of those nasolabial folds that were sagging. It can be used aroung the jaw line to give a smoother contour or at the corners of the mouth where gravity starts to pull things down. Radiesse however can not be used in the lips because it is much thicker than Juvederm. Don't don't need to know which product you want. We offer free consults and can advise you on the products that will work best for you. We want your face to look younger and fresher!
    Our VIPeels have been popular this spring. Most people came in for them to get rid of a few hyperpigmented areas that were noticeable without makeup on. No one really likes to wear much makeup in the summer especially at the lake or at the pool. Give us a call to get your peel scheduled. (501-228-6237). I usually recommend  putting them on Wednesday or Thursday. You can go right back to work or home. The main peeling happens on day two or three, usually over the weekend. Sandy, the number one nurse, likes the results on her upper lip. The fine lines were much less noticeable after her peel. VIPeels are medical grade chemical peels that can be used on the face, hands, shoulders or back to decrease or eliminate dark spots, acne, fine lines and acne scarring. The great thing about the VIPeels, is even though they are medical grade and you WILL peel, they are not painful and you don't have to take days off work to recover.
     Now, speaking of going to the lake or the know what's coming....the SUNSCREEN lecture! But you know I can't do a summer newsletter without reminding you to wear at least SPF 30, especially on your face. Reapply every hour and a half. The sun is a wonderful thing, but too much causes your skin to age quickly and even worse is the #1 cause of skin cancer. I'm not promoting any particular sunscreen, just one that blocks UVA and UVB rays, at least SPF 30.
    My medical and aesthetic patients have asked a lot of questions lately about what vitamins I take. I'm not sure if it's because I look better or because I seem more energetic. Either way, the vitamins/herbs I take are predominantly for skin and heart health.
Vitamin E....good for the skin, good for the breasts, decent antioxidant.
Vitamin C....good for the skin as well and really hard to apply topically because it is an unstable compound when exposed to light. It's always been reported as a good way to ward off the common cold. I don't know if that's true or not.
Soy.......breast health and helpful with menopuasal symptoms.
CoQ10.....often recommended in combination with a statin (cholesterol lowering drugs) to prevent muscle aches. It is a very good antioxidant for the skin as well.
Krill of the most potent antioxidants out there. Gives salmon and flamingo their pink color. Rich in astaxanthin, krill oil is even better than omega-3 fatty acid capsules. The important thing is to choose a brand with the natural oil of the krill, not synthetic. Krill oil reportedly prevents bad PMS symptoms, too. I'm not sure about that, though. You'd have to ask my kids and the folks who work with me everyday!
   Of course there are as many vitamins and herbs out there with as many health claims as there are people taking them. These are just the ones I've found that I like the best. As always, before starting any medication (prescription or over the counter) talk to your doctor first. Make sure there isn't a conflict with other medications you take.
    Finally, I'd like to thank Jennifer Welter for asking me to be a sponsor of the Women Run Arkansas 5K in Conway. It was a huge success! About 2000 participants. And I enjoyed the "Head To Toes Party" (shoes and Botox party) at Solemates in Little Rock owned by Shelly Arnold. We met some really nice people and found some very stylish shoes! If you didn't get to take advantage of the Mother's Day special gift certificates through the Clear Channel radio stations, there are a few left from all five sponsored companies. Sei Bella Med Spa still has some VIPeels available for purchase. You can go to the KSSN, tomFM, The Wolf 105.1, etc. websites to find those.
    Have a great start to your summer this June! Call us today and let us know what we can do for you (501-228-6237).  Pray the tornadoes and flooding are past us and those in Arkansas, Missouri, Alabama and all the other hard hit areas will recover quickly. As Americans we always step up to the plate to help our fellow man......
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Mother's Day with Clear Channel Radio

   The Groupon was so successful I haven't had a chance to blog lately! We literally are running 12 hour days! It has been great getting to know so many new people, though.
    Next week Clear Channel radio is offering special Mother's Day gifts. Five businesses, KitchenCo.,SunLimited, Sei Bella Med Spa, Cozymel's and A Better U Mssage are offering half price gift certificates that you can treat your mom with (or yourself). There are a limited number of each. Sei Bella Med Spa is offering 25  VIPeel facial peels for $150 each. The radio stations will sell them to the first 25 people who request them and they will sell quickly. Promos start on Monday at 8 am. Sei Bella Med Spa will be featured on Wednesday, April 27th all day on the following radio stations........

KSSN  95.7 
105.1 The Wolf
100.3 The Edge

You can click on any of the websites to see the Mother's Day banner at the top for more info.

The ViPeel is a medical grade chemical peel suitable for all skin types, even those of darker ethnicities. It is great for acne treatments, and greatly diminishes or erases, fine lines, melasma and some acne scars. Complete details about ViPeels are on my website

Mother's Day is May 8th this year! Tune in to one of the radio stations above next week to purchase a gift certificate for your wonderful, deserving mom for Mother's Day! We look forward to helping her feel special!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Head To Toes Party!!! April 14th

Botox and Shoes!!! Who could ask for more? Come to Solemates on Thursday April 14th at 5:30 for our Head to Toes Party!!!! Dr. Anne Trussell will be at the store doing Botox injections for $10 a unit!! Solemates will also have discounts and specials on our great selection of Spring shoes. So bring your friends for a fun evening of shoes, wine, hors d'ouevres and Botox!!!! Call Solemates for more information 501-716-2960 or Sei Bella Med Spa at 501-228-6237!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Sei Bella Med Spa April newsletter

Sei Bella Med Spa
  This is my first newsletter with the new name! Although hesitant to change the Beautiful You name my daughter came up with, I really do like Sei Bella (Italian for Beautiful You). The Med Spa encompasses more of our current services and services to come. Once again a big thank you to Karla Larson who came up with the new name! Hopefully I will get a survey emailed to you this weekend about other treatments I am thinking of offering like laser hair removal, microdermabrasion, spider vein treatments, etc. So be watching your email. You can shoot that back to me in an email or pop it in the mail.
   Two new things to tell you about this month. First.....ViPeel. It's a new medical grade facial peel we're offering. What are peels for? They improve the appearance of your skin that has been damaged by the sun, aging, or acne. The ViPeel was originally developed as a treatment for acne and acne scarring. It is safe and can be used in children down to 12 years of age. What are the advantages of a ViPeel over other peels? First, it can be used in all skin types including darker skin like Latino, African American or Asian. Other peels have not worked well in the past for these folks. Secondly, it really isn't painful. Sandy and I had one put on a couple weeks ago. There was a little tingling for about 20 or 30 seconds and that's it. There isn't any down time. You can go right back to work or wherever you want. Third, when the peeling starts, usually day 3, it is easily covered with moisturizer (which we provide). I had mine put on on a Wednesday. Then Sunday I put on moisturizer, slapped on some make up and went to church. It didn't seem to scare anyone too much! I only had a little flaking left on Monday at the edges of my face. Sandy had flaking a couple more days. It got rid of some melasma spots I had from pregnancy and really lightened up a couple other spots so I don't need concealer anymore. And in general both our faces look very bright and refreshed. The ViPeel can be used on other areas of the body for the same thing such as age spots on the hands, acne on the shoulders, or dark knees and elbows which occur in people with darker skin. The ViPeel is $350 and includes the prep on your face, the peel and the kit we send you home with. That kit has a moisturizer, sunscreen, the towlettes you use on day 1 and 2 and a complete informational instruction booklet. If you want to treat an area other than the face, we have to add a booster to the peel which is $20.
     The other thing I have to tell you about is the "Head to Toes Party" on April 14th at Solemates. Solemates is located in the Pleasant Ridge shopping center in Little Rock. Shelly Arnold and her mom, Beverly Steed, own Solemates. They have an excellent selection of the latest shoe styles and are very reasonably priced. My personalized TOMS that I posted a picture of on Facebook came from Solemates. I will be offering Botox for $10 a unit that night, at the store. We will have wine, soft drinks, and hors d'ouevres. Shelly will be having a discount on shoes as well. The party starts at 5 pm and I guess we'll stay until I run out of Botox or Shelly and Beverly run out of shoes! You can find Solemates on Facebook or check out the blog at  I hope to see you on April 14th!
   If you want to schedule a ViPeel, Botox, or Juvederm I can do that from home on nights and weekends as well as during office hours. Just shoot me an email ( with some dates and times that work for you.
   Finally, just a reminder that we have gift certificates available for all of the above. We can even mail them for you.
   We all know that real beauty comes from within, but we all like to look better and feel better about ourselves. Let us know what we can do for you!
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

Sunday, March 27, 2011

New Name Contest Winner!

   Hi everyone and thank you to all those who submiited names for me in the last week! I had some great suggestions....over 100 of them! The winner is Karla Larson! Her name.....Sei Bella.....Karla suggested I not change the name, Beautiful You, since my daughter came up with it. She said just change the language. Sei Bella means Beautiful You in Italian. And for those who have spent anytime with me, you know how much I love Italy!
   To better encompass what we do, our future plans, and hopefully to avoid confusion, I am officially naming this Sei Bella Med Spa. It was very difficult to choose from all the great suggestions and to find that one unique name that didn't already exist. I did check the handy dandy translator on my iPhone to see the translation in other languages. Smuk du is Danish; Fallega pu is Icelandic; and Vackra du is Swedish, just to name a few. Definitely names to keep in mind if we expand to those places!!
   Karla wins the $150 gift certificate to use on any service she wants at Sei Bella Med Spa. Starting April 4th we will be offering medical grade facial peels. Sandy and I have already done ours so we can tell you what to expect. We love the results and I'll tell you all about it in the April newsletter.
    I have a list of everyone who submitted a name and am offering an adiitional 10% discount on Botox at the "Head To Toes Party" at Solemates on April 14th. All the details will be in the April newsletter with times, location, webpages, etc. It will be a great chance to get your spring shoes and a little Botox; have some wine and hors dourves; and just relax with friends. Mention the discount when you come and I'll mark your name on the list. Discount nontransferable.
   I look forward to seeing you soon and watch for the April newletter for more details about all of the above. It will also have links to new Lipo-Ex videos. Soon I will be sending out a survey to gauge what other services you would like for me to offer so be thinking about that as well.
   Thank you again for your time and thoughts. I appreciate all of you. You're great folks to be with and I am blessed to spend time with you.
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

Saturday, March 19, 2011

New Name Contest! Win a $150 Gift Certificate!

Hi Everyone!
  Want to win a gift certificate you can use toward Botox, Juvederm, Lipo-Ex or the new facial peels we are going to offer? Then put on your thinking caps!
   Apparently there is a business in a neighboring city with a name similar to Beautiful You. To avoid confusion about services, credentials, etc. I thought I'd just change our name. My 16 year old daughter came up with the original name, but we're stuck now. This is where you come in. Help me come up with a creative, new, unique name. But, I have to have it fairly soon because I am having a joint party with Solemates in April. It's going to be the "Head to Toes Party". We are going to have shoes and Botox on sale! So......I want the new name so I can post invitations and details about that in my next newsletter.
   Here is the fine print:
1. Email me your suggestion to One name per person please, but you can forward this out to anybody whether they are a current customer or already on the newsletter list.
2. If I get several suggestions for the same winning name, the first to email me gets the gift certificate.
3. Gift certificate is for $150.
4. The name needs to be something easy to find on a search engine and give people a clue about what I do.
Right now Botox, Juvederm, facial peels (in the next couple weeks), and I will probably eventually add laser because I've had so many requests for it.
5. Contest ends Sunday March 27th at noon. I know, I know, that's only a week, but you folks are inventive, creative souls and I know you will come up with lots of names!
Looking forward to hearing from you!!!
Anne R Trussell MD

Saturday, March 5, 2011

March Newsletter

Hi Everyone!
   I can't believe it's already March! Didn't we just have a foot of snow? I took my doggies out this morning and the quince are budding out in their pretty pink color, my purple crocus are blooming and my mom has daffodils! It's time to start planning for spring break, and graduations and then summer vacations!
   Last month I mentioned I would touch upon diet pills and diets. I have people ask me everyday about this. So what prescription medications are available? Currently there is phentermine (Adipex, Fastin). It is a stimulant and works by suppressing your appetite. It speeds your metabolism up slightly. Side effects can be increased blood pressure and pulse and jitteriness. It is a controlled substance and requires a monthly office visit for weight and blood pressure checks and refills. A new medication is possibly hitting the market called Contrave. If it gets FDA approval it will be the first new weight loss drug to gain FDA approval in over 10 years. Contrave is actually a combination of two already existing drugs: naltrexone, which is used to fight drug and alcohol addiction, and bupropion, an antidepressant. In combination, the two drugs work to increase your metabolism and decrease the desire for food cravings and overall appetite for food.
    Let's talk about diets for a minute. There are a lot out there so I'm just going to mention the ones that I know will work and some that are very popular right now. The HCG diet is the one I get asked about the most. It consists of a severely calorie restricted diet along with HCG drops you take by mouth or injections of HCG which is supposed to "reset/speed up" your metabolism. You can lose weight very quickly, the problem is maintaining as you start adding back foods. This same problem with maintaining is true if you are following a meal replacement or liquid diet such as the ones at UAMS or Baptist Health. What you need in a diet is one you can start with AND stick with that offers the gradual weight loss that is healthy. I lost 65 lbs last year by shifting all my calories to breakfast and lunch. I don't snack at all after 2 pm and rarely eat anything for supper. I have kept my weight off.  Weight Watchers is also great! You don't even have to buy their foods and you can participate online. Another healthy and reasonable alternative is Ideal Protein. You get personalized attention, weight loss of 3-7 lbs per week, and it promotes fat loss and maintains muscle mass. For more info go to . You can also contact Ravonda Jones, BS, RN at . Of course no diet is going to work without a little exercise. Yes, I know, not my favorite thing to do either.
   Last but not least don't forget to freshen up your face for your spring break, class reunion or summer vacation. Botox and Juvederm take just a few minutes and can take years off your face. Erase forehead wrinkles, frown lines and crows feet. Get rid of those deep smile lines and marionette lines; even plump up those lips a little.
   Next month I'm going to try to touch on some basic skin care for the body and face. Until's to a more beautiful and healthy you!
   Don't forget.....sign up for Groupon!!
Anne R Trussell MD
Beautiful You

Friday, February 11, 2011

After the Snow !!

   Although the snow is beautiful, I know we are all ready for warmer temperatures and better roads. For those of you who had to travel this week, I hope you were safe. My office was closed for the safety of those of us who drive in to Little Rock everyday. We will be doing some rescheduling and catching up next week!

    For those of you interested in Botox and Juvederm I'll have extended hours and it's not too late to take advantage of the Valentine's Day specials!!!  (See my Valentine's Day newsletter below). Give yourself a treat and freshen up your face a little.

    Did you cook and eat and cook and eat and sit around more while you were cooped up? Then perhaps we can help you with some Lipo Ex treatments. Our scheduling is flexible and I have a quiet, relaxing, private medical office for you to enjoy them in. You can come in before work, during lunch or after you get off work.
     You can e-mail this weekend if you want to schedule something after work or give us a call on Monday morning.....501-228-6237!

      Looking forward to talking to you!!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day! February Newsletter!

Happy Valentine's Day!!
I'm a little late writing this month but the beautiful snow falling outside my window has inspired me to write the Beautiful You February newsletter. I guess all of you are working on your New Year's resolutions. For most of us that means getting in shape, eating better, and losing weight. As many of you know I lost 65 lbs last year. I kept it off over the holidays but now I'm working to lose that last 15 lbs and then I'll weigh what I did when I got married 20 years ago! It hasn't necessarily been easy but with a little diet modification, a little exercise and Lipo-Ex it has been achievable. If you're doing all you know to do and still have trouble losing those pounds and inches, then give us a call. Lipo-Ex can help you, too! Check out the before and after pictures on my blog at
     Lipo-Ex is completely noninvasive. No needles, no surgery, no anesthesia and no downtime! Lipo-Ex works on face and neck, arms, belly, bottom and thighs. A package would make a very nice and personal Valentine's Day gift for that someone special! Plus we are offering 15% off this month. If you and a friend buy a package on the same day you both get 25% off. Our scheduling is flexible and we will work with you to modify your diet and suggest some exercises that are suited for you.
    This is also a good time to touch up your Botox or Juvederm. They will greatly diminish or eliminate those fine lines around your eyes, those creases in your forehead and those smile lines. I have before and after pictures of Botox and Juvederm on my blog as well at  SIgn up as a follower of my blog and you can get a discount on these this month.
    Women AND Men get Lipo-Ex, Botox and Juvederm! In fact about a fourth of our Lipo-Ex clients are men! You can come to a private medical clinic, get validated covered parking and a free consultation!
    Next month I plan to touch on diet pills and weight loss diets. There are a few new things out there. Until then...... here is wishing you a more healthy and Beautiful You!
Anne R Trussell MD
Beautiful You