Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Girls' Night Out!

Hi Everyone!
    I'm planning on sending out the newsletter this weekend, but wanted to remind you (or let you know) about Girls' Night Out tomorrow night, Sept. 29th, 4:30pm-10 pm. It's at the Little Rock Metroplex Events Center on Colonel Glenn Road. Sei Bella Med Spa will have a booth there and have several drawings for items including a glycolic and lactic acid peels, Obagi products, massage gift certificate compliments of Teresa Smith, LMT, MS our massage therapist, and a gift certificate to use toward Sei Bella's other services. Teresa will also be there giving free chair massages.
    This is a great time to hang out with your friends, relax and do some shopping for yourself or for the holidays. The first 1000 ladies through the door get a free gift bag with lots of goodies in it, including a chance to win a $2500 pair of earrings! Some of the other booths include Good Earth Gardern Center, Frosty Treats, Jones and Son Fine Jewelty, Kreb's Brothers Restaurant Store (one of my favorites), Kris and Sam's, Sephora, Crossroads Western Wear, and Pampered Chef. This is just a few. Last I counted there were 64 different booths! Great prizes, great fun, food and drinks!
     Come join us tomorrow night and bring a friend! If a girl needs it, I think you'll find it at Girls' Night Out!
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa

Saturday, September 24, 2011

New IPL treatments with Accelawave

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy - What You Should Know

Many people just can’t tolerate the downtime or may not be good candidates for laser skin resurfacing. Intense pulsed light (IPL) treatments, however, are an excellent choice. IPL uses broad-spectrum light that filters out unwanted wavelengths as a means of treating many skin conditions and abnormalities.
In fact, IPL can diminish or remove:
  • Age spots
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Rosacea
  • Broken capillaries
  • Telangectasias on the face
  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Spider veins on the extremities
  • Unwanted hair
  • Acne
Unlike laser resurfacing, and some chemical peels, there is almost no downtime with IPL. That means no blisters, burns or long recovery period. And, you can go right back to your activities after a  treatment is complete.
IPL therapy is based on high-intensity pulses of light that penetrate the skin.  There are several different machines that emit different wavelengths of IPL to penetrate different distances into the skin. We use the Accelawave which offers an extensive range of wavelengths and has a sapphire crystal cooling tip to further increase patient comfort.
Different wavelengths treat different skin conditions. To remove body hair permanently or almost permanently, for example, IPL zeros in on the hair follicles and kills them. However, hair grows in cycles and some follicles are lying dormant. Light therapy must hit the hair follicle during its growing phase to work properly which means you will need a series of treatment to obtain the best results.

Are You a Candidate for IPL?

You may not be a good candidate for IPL therapy if you are prone to developing red, raised keloid scars or other forms of excess scarring, hyperpigmentation, or hypopigmentation. You are also not a good candidate for intense pulsed light therapy if you do not react well to burns or if you have uncontrolled diabetes, as this disease may affect your body's wound-healing ability.
Discuss appropriate treatments with Dr. Trussell. She, herself, will examine your skin and any scars you have. You may need to have a patch test to see how you react to IPL. After this test, you have to watch the test area for several days for any reactions such as blistering, pigmentation problems, rashes, or persistent redness. Report any problems to Dr. Trussell. Not everyone requires a patch test.
If you are deemed an appropriate candidate, Dr. Trussell will recommend an individualized IPL treatment plan. You will be instructed on what (and what not) to do for the two weeks before your first and subsequent treatments. This will  include staying out of the sun and tanning bed. If you are in the sun, you must wear sunscreen at least the two weeks prior to a treatment and you may be asked to avoid certain medications that could increase bleeding risk, such as aspirin and ibuprofen.

IPL Treatment

Dr. Trussell or her nurse, Sandy, may apply a topical anesthetic to the treatment area. After this, clear aloe vera gel is applied and a glass prism is placed over the treatment area. Pulses of intense light will be flashed through a filter, directed at the treatment area. You will receive several treatments. Your first treatment may not be as aggressive as those that follow. Your first treatment is half diagnostic and half therapeutic. You will be asked a  thorough history of your skin and any significant medical problems. Treatments are usually performed every three to four weeks. The treated area may be slightly pink or red right after your treatment. There may be some mild swelling. Dr. Trussell will advise you to use sunscreen with a 15-30 SPF after your IPL treatment. Although rare, blistering or slight bleeding can occur after IPL therapy. Other potential risks may include pigment changes and scarring.

IPL Cost

Cost for IPL depends on the area being treated, and the type of treatment being provided. You can purchase a package of three treatment visits and save 15% until the end of October 2011. Make sure you are clear about all the price points before you begin your IPL treatment series. We are available to answer any questions you may have.

Call us today to schedule your consult. Dr. Trussell and Sandy look forward to working with you to provide the best individualized care for your skin problems.


Monday, September 12, 2011

American Childhood Cancer Organization of Arkansas

Gallery Of Hope

The American Childhood Cancer Organization of Arkansas is proud to announce its 2011 "Gallery of Hope" fundraiser that will take place on Friday, September 23, 2011 from 6:00 p.m. to 8:30 p.m at The Arkansas Governor's Mansion in Little Rock. The 6th annual art auction and cocktail event will feature pieces from a number of well-known local artists, as well as creations by Arkansas Children's Hospital cancer patients. Other unique items available for purchase will include jewelry, pottery & photography. It will be an enjoyable night of music, delicious hors d'oeuvres and drinks while contributing to a great, worthwhile cause!

Each day in the U.S., approximately 46 children are diagnosed with cancer. In the early 1950s, less than 10 percent of childhood cancer patients could be cured. Today, some forms of childhood cancer have cure rates over 80%. Cancer is the leading cause of death in Americans under age 20. The average length of treatment for children, from initial diagnosis to cure or remission, is three years. The median age at diagnosis is six years old.

The childhood cancer experience can be an enormous challenge for families. ACCO believes that no family should have to go through this difficult time alone. American Childhood Cancer Organization of Arkansas is dedicated to improving the quality of life for children with cancer and their families. ACCO Arkansas is the only organization in Arkansas that is dedicated exclusively to meeting the unique needs of pediatric cancer patients and their families.

Sei Bella Med Spa is proud to be a sponsor of this dedicated, compasionate organization. If you, too, woud like to be a sponsor, please contact Jennifer York at 501-993-6688 or If you would like to make a donation you can go to:

Thank you for the support you have shown Sei Bella Med Spa which allows me to in turn support such a wonderful organization.....

Anne R Trussell MD

Sei Bella Med Spa

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Coming Soon! IPL treatments!

    IPL  (Intensed Pulsed Light) treats acne, hair, skin and vascular lesions. Sei Bella will soon be offering these noninvasive treatments for hair removal, photo-facials, spider veins and acne. We have a great, new, high quality machine called Accelawave. In comparing IPL to lasers, a laser goes to one depth and hits one target. Our Accelawave,will deliver many different wavelengths of light and hit many different targets. With the IPL, you come in for the procedure and are back up and going immediately, unlike with an ablative laser procedure which can put you down for a few weeks.
   For those of you interested in the scientific workings of an IPL, I'll give you a  brief overview. IPL is a  broadband light source emitted by a flash lamp within the  broadband wavelength spectrum of  420nm-1200 nm. IPL works on the same principles as lasers in that light energy is absorbed into particular target cells with color, called chromophores. Chromophores are found in four "structures". We are concerned with thee of them: melanin, hemoglobin and porphyrin. (Water is the fourth structure, but it absorbs light at 1350 nm, outside our area of interest).
   It is important that IPL can adjust the power and the amount of time the skin is exposed to the pulse of light. During IPL treatments, these parameters are adjusted. All targets -hair, melanin, vascular lesions- hold energy for a different amount of time, and this time will decrease after each session. Most problems take 6-8 treatments to correct. Each session is bascially a new consult, so I know where to set the parameters on the machine. The Accelawave also has a cooling system for your comfort as well as for optimizing your results.
    The Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery did a comprehensive survey which concluded hat 80% of the populaton who get treatments at med spas want 1)Botox, 2)Fillers (like Radiesse and Juvederm), 3)hair removal, 4)microdermabrasion and 5)photo-facials. That is very consistent with the survey I sent out several months ago.
    Of course you know I have to test and try out everything we offer at Sei Bella, so I tried IPL, too, when the rep was at my office. I have a dark spot on my arm that I want gone, so I had it pulsed. Didn't hurt. Just a little pop. My kids have done worse to me with a rubber band. I can tell a difference after that one treatment.
    If you are a physicist, I'm sure you're rolling your eyes right now at my explanation of IPL vs. laser. Sometime in the future, I'll probably get a laser, but for now, an IPL will work great for the things we want to do to make you more beautiful (or handsome) than you already are!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Setember Newsletter

   I hope all of you had a fun and relaxing Labor Day weekend!
No real excitement at the Trussell household, just yardwork, computer work and laundry work. (Nope. Didn't clean. Hate to clean house.)
   Lots of news for you. First, thank you for making Teresa Smith, MS, LMT, our wonderful massage therapist, feel so welcome by buying out her Groupon at 11:30 am! Yes, 250 massages! She is fantastic! Teresa is in the office on Mondays and Thursdays now and working her schedule to be there some Fridays as well. She has 13 years experience working with all age groups, and problems whether it's chronic pain, stress, or an acute problem. Visit her webpage at Call us to schedule a relaxing Swedish massage, or a deep tissue massage to work out all that stress you didn't get rid of over the holiday. Teresa offers massage packages as well. A Prenancy Massage package would really be a nice gift for a pregnant friend.
    The DermaFrac procedure is becoming very popular! I've already had to order more peptides. For those of you getting the newsletter for the first time, DermaFrac is a painless procedure (actually I think it feels quite good) that injects peptides between the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. It is very popular for facial rejuvenation in Europe. We have the first machine in Arkansas. There is no bleeding nor downtime. After a treatment you get an LED light treatment chosen for your skin needs. Microdermabrasion is available as well. I will look at your skin myself and help you decide on an anti-aging, lightening, anti-acne or hydration package. DermaFrac is sold as a series of 6 treatments one to two weeks apart depending on how quickly your face absorbs the peptides each week. Read more about it on the Sei Bella website at
     Our facial peels were one of the most sought after things this past month. We sold out and I had to order more. The Gloss peel (almost exactly the same as the VIPeel) has an active ingredient of 17% TCA. This is the favorite. We also have glycolic and lactic acid peels of various strengths and combinations. I can help you decide which one is right for you. A facial peel is such a quick, inexpensive way to freshen and brighten up your face. Or, do a series of them to remove more of those fine lines and dark spots.
    By now you should all be well versed in  Radiesse, Botox and Juvederm. I won't take time to revisit all their benefits. It's on the website and you know you can either email me or call Sei Bella anytime for more info....501-228-6237. I try to send out an email if we're running a special but give me a shout if you need something.
     OK..... So we have all these GREAT things we can do to help your face and body look younger and help you feel better about your appearance. How do we keep it that way? The #1 question I'm asked, everyday, is how long will results last. The answer is.....that depends.....No..... I'm not riding the fence post. Let me explain. WIth all aesthetic procedures, whether they are surgical or nonsurgical, we still continue to age. Our job at Sei Bella is to help turn back the hands of time for you. Then, how long those changes last depends on how well you take care of your skin. I don't just mean just wearing sunscreen that blocks UVA and UVB, wearing a hat, not smoking, not going to the tanning beds, avoiding the buffet lines etc. I mean really having your skin evaluated and paying attention to what you eat. I've talked to many of you about which skin care line you would like for me to carry. Overwhelmingly, the answer was Obagi. So, I switched my own routine to Obagi as did Sandy. We have very different skin types and we both love it! Obagi is sold throught a physician's office because many of the products are presciption strength. Oh, and I started my daughter on their Clenziderm system. Two steps. Any teenager can do that. (Yes, two steps require 2 to 3 neurons firing in sequence, but they can do this regardless of their ability to complete chores and do homework). Abbey didn't have severe acne, just multiple pimples and blackheads, but she wasn't good about washing her face every night either, Plus, she had little pimply things on the back of her arms for years. After 2 1/2 weeks, they are all gone! (She will kill me for talking about her in my newletter). Maintenance is the key, though. The thing I like about Obagi is it requires very little product so it lasts a lot longer than other brands. I got a starter kit about 2 months ago and I still have about 1/2 of it left. You can sign up for the Obagi "Inner Circle" at The website has info about all their products and the discounts you earn by being a member. It's free. Over 50,000 people are already signed up. I will be happy to talk to you about your skin problems, concerns, and needs when you come in. There are also a few products from Young Pharmaceuticals that I tried and especially like, especially their C-Mollient. Leaves the face feeling so soft and full of anti-oxidants.
     So what's on the horizon? Well, I hummed and hawed about laser and IPL. Decided on IPL (Intense Pulsed Light). I know laser is the hot thing right now, but for what I want to offer, IPL was a better fit. I want to offer you rejuvenating, relaxing products and services that don't have the downtine that is associated with so many cosmetic procedures. We are all very busy folks, and don't have time for "downtime". IPL works on the same principal as laser. Right now I don't want to do ablative laser treatments that put people out of commission for a few weeks.  The IPL offers hair removal, acne treatment, spider vein treatment, photofacials, plus treatment of melasma (dark spots) and sundamage. I had the rep treat a spot on my arm. Didn't hurt. Just a tiny pop. Granted, though, Teresa's massages do feel better!
      Last two things. We will have a booth at Girls Night Out again this year, September 29th from 4-10 pm. It's a one day only event this year. We will have a bigger booth, have some special offers, and be selling some products and packages as well. Teresa will be there giving out free chair massages. That is good enough reason right there to show up!! Girls night Out is hosted at the Clear Channel Metroplex in Little Rock. Lastly, several people have asked me about having private parties. I did the Botox Party last year and the Head To Toes Party earlier this year. If you want to get a group of friends together, call or email me or 501-228-6237 and let's visit. What services you want me to provide will determine if I can do it at your house/business or if we need to have it at Sei Bella. There is no charge to have the party, just for any services we provide.
      I hope that September is a good month for all of you. I will send pertinent reminder emails or updates, but won't be blowing up your inbox so call or email if you have questions, concerns or comments in the meantime. Thank you all for the trust you put in us at Sei Bella Med Spa. I have truly been blessed to get to know so many wonderful people.
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa
9501 Lile Drive Suite 940
Little Rock, AR 72205
located on the Baptist Health campus
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