Wednesday, May 30, 2012

June Newsletter

Hi Everyone!
   Hope you had a wonderful Meomorial Day weekend! We spent time with friends and family, swam, ate, ran, played games and just enjoyed the three day weekend. We also gave thanks for our military, past and present, who protect our freedom. Our country may not be perfect at times, but at least we have the ability to speak up, speak out and vote differently when we want change.
   On June 14th, we are having another Head to Toes Party at Solemates. That's also when we will have our raffle drawing. For those new to the newsletter, Solemates is at 11525 Cantrell Road, Suite 203, Little Rock. It's in the Pleasant Ridge shopping center.
The Head to Toes Parties we've done in the past have been lots of fun, so by popular demand, we're doing another. Shelly will have a discount on shoes that night, and we will have facial peels for $150. That's half price for that night only. I will also have Botox available for $10/unit. It is regularly $14/unit. Groupons can NOT be redeemed that night, nor may you use banked units that night either. It would be next to impossible to haul all the charts out there to keep up with that. Shelly aslo has some new things at the store...there is "Margie's Corner" with some cute little girl clothes, plus she has custom embroidery, purses, and crystal designs. We'll have hors d'oeuvres and wine and other beverages. It starts at 6pm and we are usually there until about 9pm. Come hang out with us for awhile!
     And the raffle tickets are still available until that night. The prizes include a Lipo-Ex mini package, 20 units of Botox and a Sonya Dakar fitness facial. Tickets are $1 each, $5 for 6 or $20 for 25 tickets. You may purchase yours at the office, call the office with a credit card, mail me a check, or you can purchase that night until we draw at 8 pm. ALL monies from raffle ticket sales go to the Children's Tumor Foundation. As a member of the NF Endurance Team, five of us are running the New York Marathon on November 4th to raise funds and awareness of neurofibromatosis. For info on NF visit  If you don't want raffle tickets but you want to make a donation, you can go to my website at
       I am posting more info on my blog lately at The last post is how to prevent and treat those nagging neck wrinkles and saggy skin. I though I would briefly talk about eyes in this newsletter.
     First lashes....We ladies want them long and beautiful. There are lash extensions, but I personally don't have time for a fill every two weeks. I love Latisse and use it about three times a week. Alone, it makes my lashes long, but thin. On the other days I like Marini Lash which is full of peptides to improve the thickness. Obagi's Elastilash is nice, too.
     Second.......we all hate the wrinkles. Nothing is better than Botox or Xeomin for those crows feet. Just give in and do it. For maintenance, my favorite is Obagi's Elastidem. I put it in the corners of my eyes and smooth it all the way out to my temple. I've use it for years, and at 46, I've never had to have Botox for crows feet! Sonya Dakar and Bionet also have some great products you can ask us about.
    Third......puffiness. The main reason for darkness and  puffiness is lack of sleep and seasonal allergies. So, get more sleep and take your antihistmines. On top of that, Obagi has an Elastiderm Complete Eye Complex. It's a tube with a little roller ball you rub under your eyes that contains caffeine, moisturizers and is very cooling as well.
    Fourth....droopy, saggy lids. A lid lift, or blepharoplasty, is the ultimate treatment. All the things I mentioned above will help delay the need for that. One common misconception is that Botox can be used to treat this. Botox will lift your eyebrows. Even though it is called a lid lift, Botox WILL NOT lift that saggy, excess skin. In fact, it could actually make it look worse.
    And a couple easy things....don't rub your eyes really hard, do wear sunscreen, and  do wear sunglasses so you don't squint and make those wrinkles form.
     Until next month, enjoy the summer. Come see us at Solemates on June 14th, and don't forget your raffle tickets!

Anne R Trussell MD

Friday, May 25, 2012

Let's Talk About Neck Wrinkles

Everyone I see asks me about neck wrinkles and/or sagging skin on the neck.....What to do?.....

The "gold standard" is a neck lift. If you're not ready for that or can't stand the thought of going under the knife, here are some other options. one treatment is going to fix the problem and  it won't happen overnite. The following tips are good advice on how to help correct AND prevent.

1. Put sunscreen on your neck EVERYDAY. Spring, summer, winter and fall! Sonya Dakar has a new face sunscreen. It's called Microvenom Daily Defense and is SPF 30. It meets the new FDA guidelines for UVA and UVB protection. It is infused with artificial snake venom and apple stem cells to firm and tighten the skin. Since you're going to wear sunscreen everyday, you might as well get those added benefits. It retails for $45 and lasts a long time. 

2. Hydrate your skin. Your neck will need a richer moisturizer than your face. Use it twice a day. EVERYDAY. We've got several at Sei Bella that I like and they aren't expensive.

3. Use an anti-wrinkle cream on your neck EVERY night. If you're like me, you're already putting one on your face so just run your hands down your neck with the same cream. I prefer the Jan Marini age intervention line.

4. Tretinoin......Comes as a 0.025%, .05%, or .1% concentration. Names  you may be familiar with incliude  Retin-A, Tazorac, or Renova. It is one of the best things on the market to stimulate cell turnover and diminish wrinkles. You have to acclimate to it and you may have some peeling at first.You will be more sun sensitive in the areas you apply it so you only use it a night and you have to put sunscreen on EVERYDAY. We have all three strengths at Sei Bella. They are $66, $76 or $86 depending on strength.

5. Consider Microdermabrasion. This procedure buffs away the top layers of skin to reveal fresher, younger-looking skin below. There really isn't any downtime. You may need a series of treatments a few months apart. Remember, I said the wrinkly, saggy neck won't be fixed overnite. Each session is around $75.

6. Drink 64-84 oz of water EVERYDAY. Don't like water? Then pop some Arbonne fizzy tablets in there. We have pomegranate, and citrus flavors at Sei Bella. You MUST stay hydrated. EVERYDAY.

7. Eat raw fruits and veggies. Lay off the processed food. Your skin needs the Vitamins A, C, E and K that are in fresh foods. Plus your waist, thighs and hips will thank you for getting off the processed food.

8. Keep your chin up! If you hang your head down toward your chest all the time, you are going to form permanent creases.  Besides, it's bad posture and your neck doesn't like the strain of being pulled down all the time. Elevate your computer screen. Prop your elbows on pillows when you read. Don't sleep on so many pillows that keep your neck bent.

9. Other non surgical procedures.....Lipo-Ex which is covered extensively on my webpage and other areas on this blog. It's painless, needless and requires no anesthesia. It stimulates collagen production and helps with volume loss as well if your neck is a little thicker than you would like. We also have DermaFrac which you can read about on my website as well. It injects collagen building peptides between the dermis and epidermis layers of the skin. There is no bleeding, no bruising and no pain. Finally, there is IPL (intense pulsed light). This type of laser can remove the sun damage and age spots from your neck and overtime helps regenerate collagen.

As you can see there are many things available to help with the wrinkly, saggy neck, but as I stressed above, you MUST be consistent and do what you can EVERYDAY. Give us a call and let us help you....

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sunscreen Update

May is National Skin Cancer Awareness Month. You know I harp about sunscreen every year because the incidence of skin cancers is rising exponentially. The FDA has just released new standards for sunscreen labeling.

The SPF in your sunscreen only measures UVB protection. The higher the number, the longer you can be in the sun without burning or having to reapply the sunscreen. However, UVA rays are the deeply penetrating ones that cause accelerated skin aging and increases your risk of skin cancer. 

"Waterproof" and "Sweat-proof" labeling will be no more. New regulations require sunscreens to be labeled as water resistant and clearly state how often they need to be reapplied. .

Sunscreens that protect against UVA and UVB rays will now be labelled "Broad-Spectrum". This is what you want.

All sunscreens must stop their SPF at 50 and give a warning if they are less than 15.

Two types of sunscreens........chemical and physical. It's your preference.
Chemical sunscreens contain synthetic compounds that absorb sun rays before they cause damage. . They often contain Parsol, PABA, and Meroxyl XL. These sunscreens need to be reapplied frequently
Physical sunscreens contain fine mineral particles like titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide. They create a thin film on the skin that reflects the sun's rays. Not as popular in the past because they left a white film on the skin.....Think........white noses on lifeguards...... Today's formulations, though, leave little to no residue. 

New regulations are supposed to go into effect this summer. We'll see if it's pushed back. Many companies are already complying. At Sei Bella we have sunscreens from Obagi and Sonya Dakar that meet the new guidelines, smell great and have other health benefits for your skin. Ask us about them.....

Monday, May 14, 2012

Botox Groupon

Follow the link to get your Botox Groupon before it ends.

20, 40, or 60 Units of Botox at Sei Bella Med Spa (Up to 66% Off):


It ends in about 2 1/2 hours!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May Newsletter

Sei Bella Med Spa
Hi Everyone!
    Spring is officially here it appears! May is a busy month with graduations, Mother's Day, final exams, Cinco de Mayo and spring cleaning (unless you're at my house). My mom was over today and said she didn't think she would move the furniture this year. I told her not to worry; there wasn't any danger of that happening at my house either! I truly can not believe it's already May. I have a few exciting things to tell you about this month.
     Hopefully all of you got my invitation by email last night to the Jan Marini Open House on Thursady, May 10th, 2-6 pm. Jan Marini is a great skin care line and was voted Best Skin Care System sold in a doctor's office by New Beauty Magazine. Briefly.......all skin care management systems will be 20% off that nite and with a purchase of a skin care system you receive a free Jan Marini gift valued at $75.  My rep, Penny, will be on hand to show you the products and let you try them out. So if you're tired of your old system and need a fresh start with some prescription strength products that will brighten, resurface, rehydrate and protect your skin, look at Jan Marini. Thursday nite,  Sandy and I will also be offering Botox. You can purchase your Botox for $10/unit with the purchase of a skin care management system. Botox price has increased to $14/unit, so now is the time to cash in on that deal. Get your touchups and fixes done before graduation and Mother's Day. We'll be serving wine and hor d'houevres. If you don't want wine, you can drink water or sodas with Sandy!
     I have three Tanda Clear+ and Luxe left. The Tanda Clear is a wonderful treatment for acne and really augments any products you use to treat acne. The blue light, vibration abd warming are the key to it's success. You can quickly treat your entire face. With the current promotion the red Tanda Luxe headpiece is also included. This is for fine lines and wrinkles. Multiple family members can use the same Tanda. Price for the last three I have is $280. You can read details on my blog at As a matter of fact, if you sign up to follow my blog, you can get a notification (if you choose) when I post a blog. I don't want to blow up your email box all the time.
     My most exciting news this month is that I'm running the New York Marathon on November 4th! Yay!! Most of you already know, but for the new folks to the newsletter.....I am a member of the NF Endurance Team. We support the Children's Tumor Foundation in finding a cure for neurofibromatosis. Their research benefits EVERYONE, not just NF patients. Again, my blog has details about NF and you can learn more at  One of the fundraisers I'm doing is a raffle. You can win a mini package of Lipo-Ex, 20 units of Botox or a Sonya Dakar Fitness Facial. Tickets are $1 each, $5 for 6 or $20 for 25 tickets. Drop by, call with a cc number, or mail me a check and I'll send you your stubs. ALL proceeds raised go to the charity. I am paying my own entry fee to the marathon, and my own hotel, airfare and meals to New York. Drawing is June 14th at Solemates (need not be present to win). Shelly and I are doing another Head to Toes Party. I'll have Botox and facial peels. Shelly will have shoes, custom embroidery, crystal designs and accessories, and purses. I try to sell enough Botox to cover my shoe habit! We had a really good party once and I bought 5 pairs!!! I'll send you details closer to time.
     On the medical side of the "Med Spa" can get a bone density at my office for $25 until I sell the machine. This is the test for osteoporosis. Thin, white females, post menopausal women, men with low testosterone, those with a family history of osteoporosis and those who have taken a lot of steroids in their life are at risk for osteoporosis. It's quick, easy, painless. You just lay on the table and we give you a nice color report to take back to your your physician. If you're already coming in for something else, we can do one on you right quick, or most days we can work one in for you at your convenience. If you're interested, though, do it sooner as opposed to later since I'm selling the machine. It's bulky and I don't want to have to move it when we move to a more convenient location.
     As part of my cardiac wellness focus, I've teamed up with Berkeley Heart and Vasolabs to do genetic testing and biomarker modification. This program will include scheduled visits with me about cardiac wellness, plus a team approach with a nurse and dietitian to try to PREVENT heart attack and stroke (whether it's the first one or the second one). Ask me about our cardiac wellness program when you see me. I'll be sending out another email when all the details are nailed down. I think I've signed up about 15 people just in the last week. I am really looking forward to making this the focus of the medical side. I want you healthy on the inside, beautiful on the outside!
     Finally, Sei Bella has a Groupon coming before Mother's Day and an Arkansas Daily Deal coming after Mother's Day, so stay tuned. I'll send you details when I know the specifics. Of course I will always post on my blog and on FaceBook. You can look us up under Sei Bella Med Spa. If you need a nice Mother's Day gift, come to the open house May 10th or ask us for a gift certificacte to use however mom wants!
     Blessings to you for a great spring! Let us know what we can do for you!
Anne R Trussell MD
Sei Bella Med Spa
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