Sunday, April 12, 2015

What's Different about the Filler BellaFill?

Our BellaFill event is fast approaching on April 21, 2015! Here are a few fast facts and pictures for you prior to the event.  Remember there is special pricing on BellaFill, Regenica skincare, Refissa AND Xeomin that day. Come get a free individual consult and enjoy some refreshments in a relaxed atmosphere. Ask questions and visit with Dr. Trussell about her personal experience with BellaFill. Dr. Trussell is a certified Suneva national trainer for BellaFill. Call to get on the list for April 21st! Times are flexible! 

Bellafill® is made up of 80% purified bovine collagen gel

  • Immediate, visible lift and fill.
  • Low immunogenicity (the denatured collagen is processed without cross-linking or telopeptides).
  • Injection comfort enhanced with 0.3% lidocaine.
  • Over time the injected collagen is resorbed while new, endogenous collagen is formed between the microspheres.

PMMA microspheres comprise 20% of Bellafill®

  • PMMA is one of the most widely used biocompatible synthetic materials in the world.
  • PMMA is used in extremely sensitive areas of the body, such as intraocular lenses for cataract patients.
  • PMMA has a proven safety record of 65 years in clinical use.
  • Once the collagen gel carrier has been enzymatically degraded by the body, PMMA microspheres remain in place, and are fully encapsulated and integrated into the dermis to become part of the tissue.

How much Bellafill® do you need?

 Grade 1 smile lines: Usually one syringe
 Grade 2 smile lines: Usually 2 syringes
 Grade 3 smile lines: Usually 2- 3 syringes
Grade 4 smile lines: Usually 3-4 syringes
 Grade 5 smile lines; Usually 4 syringes
BellaFill can be used in many other places as well. Dr. Trussell has had great success with BellaFill in the hands. Afterall, your hands reveal your age more often than your face! And most people need 1-2 syringes in their hands.

The nice thing about BellaFill is that you are getting a long lasting filler (5-10 years). This does not mean you won't continue to age, but you don't lose what you've already had placed. It's recommended you come back in 8 weeks to let Dr. Trussell look at you to see where you may need a touch up after your first treatment. While other fillers work well, they just don't last as long. Juvederm 6-9 months, Radiesse 10-14 months, and Belotero 4-5 months. 

BellaFill's newest FDA indication is for certain types of scars.

  • Bellafill® is the only filler on the market approved in the U.S. for the correction of acne scars
  • Proven safe and effective in a well-controlled clinical study, Bellafill®addresses an unmet need for millions who suffer from acne scarring

BellaFill is not indicated for all scars. Dr. Trussell will assess your concerns to see if BellaFill is right for you.

And remember all other fillers are $50 off per syringe this month if you prefer one of those!
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