Tuesday, February 3, 2015

The Dangers of Low Vitamin D and Testosterone

Testosterone and Vitamin D serve many functions in our bodies, not just maintaining our libido and our bone health. Deficiencies in either or both of these can have serious health consequences.

According to the journal of Clinical Endocrinology Feb 22, 2012 issue:
  • Deficiencies of either testosterone OR 25-hydroxyvitamin D resulted in a 40% increased risk for all-cause mortality.
  • Deficiencies of free testosterone AND 25-hydroxyvitamin D resulted in a 111% increased risk for all cause mortality!
  • Deficiencies of free testosterone and 25-hydroxyvitamin D resulted in a 77% increased risk for cardiovascular mortality.
Fortunately, both low testosterone and low Vitamin D are very easy to treat. But, you have to KNOW your levels are low! A decline in testosterone is expected with age as the chart below shows.

There aren't a lot of natural sources for testosterone, but there are things you can do and things you can eat to help build up your vitamin D level as shown below.

The best way to know if your testosterone or Vitamin D levels are low is to get your lab checked! With the BioTE bio-identical hormone pellet replacement therapy program, we check a panel of lab work to determine what hormones are out of balance. Dr. Trussell reviews all your lab work, and then makes recommendations on replacing hormone deficiencies and balancing out your hormones to not only make you feel better, but to actually make you healthier! We stock nutraceuticals in our office and your dose of BioTE pellets is calculated specifically for you based on your own lab work.

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